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Terms and Conditions:

  • Exclusive for IKEA FAMILY card members (Temporary or Permanent).
  • Redemption only valid for purchase of furniture and home furnishing products.
  • Limited for the first 200 members per day for each store.
  • Redemption starts from 9.30am at the IKEA FAMILY booth opposite checkout counters. While stocks last. First come first serve basis.
  • If a Customer has redeemed the RM20 IKEA Gift Card but subsequently made the decision to return and obtain a refund of any or all of the purchases resulting in the total purchase falling below RM350, then the Customer shall return the RM20 IKEA Gift Card (with its full value intact).
  • Ikano Handel Sdn Bhd reserves the right, on reasonable grounds, to reject the use of the IKEA Gift Card at any time. Reasonable grounds include any abuse or attempted abuse of the IKEA Gift Card; use or attempted use in a manner which is contrary to these terms and conditions; and any reasonable suspicion or dishonesty in connection with usage of the IKEA Gift Card.

*Prices shown below are before member's discount.
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  • ÄLEBY swivel armchair
    RM 899
    NP: RM1,190
    Cover: 100% polyester.
    W86xD88, H101cm. Gunnared medium grey/dark grey.
  • LACK coffee table
    RM 65
    NP: RM79
    Foil finished.
    L90xW55, H45cm. Birch effect.
  • LACK side table
    RM 29 .90
    NP: RM49
    Foil finished.
    L55xW55, H45cm. Birch effect.
  • STOCKSBO 2-seat sofa-bed
    RM 999
    NP: RM1,690
    Cover: cotton and polyester.
    W153xD93, H83cm. Lofallet beige.
  • NORDRANA basket, set of 4
    RM 29 .90
    NP: RM49.90
    100% polypropylene.
    2 pcs L9xW9, H11cm,
    1pc L19xW19, H15cm and
    1 pc L29xW9, H11 cm. Grey.
  • NORDRANA hanging storage
    RM 59 .90
    NP: RM79
    100% polypropylene. W30xH100cm. Grey.
  • STUGVIK basket with suction cup
    RM 19 .90
    NP: RM39.90
    ABS plastic.
    W28xD17, H19cm. White.
  • STUGVIK hook with suction cup
    RM 19 .90 /4pcs
    NP: RM29.90/4pcs
    ABS plastic. Mixed colours.
  • STUGVIK hook with suction cup
    RM 9 .90 /2pcs
    NP: RM15.90/2pcs
    ABS plastic. White.
  • STUGVIK soap dispenser with suction cup
    RM 19 .90
    NP: RM24.90
    ABS plastic. W10cm. White
  • STUGVIK toothbrush holder with suction cup
    RM 12 .90
    NP: RM19.90
    ABS plastic. H18cm. White.
  • STUGVIK towel rack with suction cup
    RM 24 .90
    NP: RM39.90
    ABS plastic. W52-82xD7cm. White.
  • VOXNAN wall shelf with towel rail
    RM 60
    NP: RM74.50
    Stainless steel.
    W48xD28, H9cm. Chrome effect.
  • KALAS bowl
    RM 3 .90 /6pcs
    NP: RM5.50/6pcs
    Polypropylene plastic. Ø12cm. Mixed colours.
  • GISSA wall pockets
    RM 29 .90
    NP: RM39.90
    100% polyester. W60xH85cm. Black.
  • HEMMAHOS soft toy cactus
    RM 16 .90
    NP: RM26.30
    100% polyester. Green.
  • LEKA soft toy, ball
    RM 4 .90
    NP: RM6.90
    100% polyester. Ø10cm. Multicolour.
  • MINIBJÖRN sleeping bag
    RM 39 .90
    NP: RM47
    Cotton and polyester. L72xW44cm. Light green.
  • BLÅVIK LED wall lamp with mirror
    RM 39 .90
    NP: RM55.60
    ABS plastic and glass. 40lm. Battery-operated. White.
  • SÄRDAL LED lighting chain with 12 lights
    RM 9 .90
    NP: RM12.90
    ABS plastic. L1.5m. Transparent battery-operated/indoor.
  • MAGNARP floor lamp
    RM 75
    NP: RM93.30
    Rice paper and steel. H144cm. Natural.
  • BLÄDJAN bath towel
    RM 29 .90
    NP: RM49.90
    100% cotton. L140xW70cm. Multicolour.
  • BLÄDJAN hand towel
    RM 12 .90
    NP: RM19.90
    100% cotton. L70xW40cm. Multicolour.
  • BLÄDJAN washcloth
    RM 5 .90
    NP: RM8.90
    100% cotton. L30xW30cm. Multicolour.
  • SMÖRBOLL quilt cover and 4 pillowcases, queen size
    RM 79 /ea
    NP: RM109/ea
    100% cotton.
    Quilt: L200xW200cm.
    Pillowcase: L50xW80cm.
    Dark pink. Dark grey.
  • STENSTORP wall shelf
    RM 125
    NP: RM199
    Fibreboard. W120xD25cm. Grey.
  • HAMPEN rug, high pile
    RM 29 .90 /ea
    NP: RM39.90/ea
    Pile: 100% polypropylene. L80xW80cm. Beige. Bright green. Bight pink. Grey.
  • LUNGÖRT cushion cover
    RM 19 .90
    NP: RM29.90
    100% cotton. L50xW50cm. Grey/white.
  • YPPERLIG cushion cover
    RM 9 .90
    NP: RM18.70
    100% cotton. L50x50cm. Blue/dotted.
  • FLÖNG rug, low pile
    RM 29 .90
    NP: RM39.90
    Pile: 100% polypropylene. Ø80cm. White/dark blue.
  • LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug, low pile
    RM 285
    NP: RM399
    Pile: 100% polypropylene. L300xW200cm. White/black.
  • SIGNE rug, flatwoven
    RM 9 .90 /ea
    NP: RM12.90/ea
    100% cotton. L55xW85cm. Assorted colours.
  • FANTASTISK paper napkin
    RM 5 .90 /50pcs
    NP: RM9.90/50pcs
    Paper. L40xW40cm. Red.
  • IKEA PS 2002 watering can
    RM 5 .50 /ea
    NP: RM7.90/ea
    Recycled PP plastic. 1.2L. Turquoise. Pink. Green.
  • PAPAJA plant pot
    RM 4 .90 /ea
    NP: RM6.90/ea
    Ø14, H13cm. Green. Light pink. Turquoise.
  • TOMAT spray bottle
    RM 3 .90 /ea
    NP: RM4.90/ea
    Polypropylene plastic. 35cl. Pink. Turquoise.
  • BÄSTIS lint roller
    RM 2 .90
    NP: RM3.50
    Bleached chlorine-free paper and polypropylene plastic. L9m. Blue.
  • PRESSA hanging dryer 16 clothes pegs
    RM 9 .90 /ea
    NP: RM19.90/ea
    Ø40, H26cm. Assorted colours.
  • SKUBB box, set of 6
    RM 19 .90
    NP: RM29.90
    100% polyester. Sizes: 14x14x13cm, 28x14x13cm and 28x28x13cm, 2pcs of each. Black.
  • SPÄNST shoe box
    RM 59
    NP: RM74.50
    Powder-coated steel.
    W27xD38, H24cm. White.
  • FRÖSAKULL frame
    RM 10 .90
    NP: RM12.10
    Powder-coated steel. W23xH28cm. White.
  • KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa
    RM 285 /ea
    NP: RM349/ea
    Cover: 100% polyester.
    W119xD76, H69cm. Grey. Orange.

Advertised items are limited to 2pcs (furniture) and 6pcs (non-furniture) per customer.

NP = Normal Price

Public Sale starts from 9-25 November 2018.