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Offer valid from: 7 - 30 August 2017
TORKIS laundry basket
(NP: RM59)
Steel, 100% polyester and reinforced polypropylene plastic.
FESTMÅLTID lunch box
(NP: RM15.90)
Polypropylene plastic and silicone rubber.
1.0l. W14×L22, H7cm.


The unique IKEA FAMILY range
Designed for Home Lovers on the go, the exclusive IKEA FAMILY range will keep you smart and safe at home and abroad.

Paper, bleached chlorine-free paper and 100% recycled solid paper board. W17×H24cm.
Pages: 224pcs.

Paper and bleached chlorine-free paper. W21.8×H28.5cm.
Pages: 128pcs.

Paper and 100% recycled solid paper board. W21.6×H28.5cm.
Pages: 192pcs.

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