IKEA Family 2x Bonus Points Promotion 2024 - Terms & Conditions:

  1. This Promotion is valid for any IKEA Family member in-store and/or online purchases from
    9 May – 4 June 2024.
  2. Promotional 2x Bonus Points are calculated on top of regular point calculation.
  3. Example

    1. A member spends a total of RM200. Normal points earned (i.e. 200 points) will be automatically credited to the membership account at the point of purchase.
    2. Bonus Points of 200 (200 points x1 bonus) will be credited to the membership account within
      4 weeks after the promotion end date.
    3. In total, the member earns 400 points.
  4. Bonus points are capped at 2,000 points per member.
  5. Example

    1. Member A, total spend of RM500 Member earns 500 Bonus Points.
    2. Member B, total spend of RM2,100: Member earns 2,000 Bonus Points and not 2,100 Bonus Points.
  6. Total spend is calculated within the promotion period, regardless of the number of transactions. This excludes all void transactions, and reversed transactions (refunds):
  7. Example

    1. Member A, 3 receipts with a total accumulated spend of RM700 during the promotion period: Member A earns 700 Bonus Points.
    2. Member B, 5 receipts with a total accumulated spend of RM2,500 during the promotion period: Member B earns 2,000 Bonus Points (max points).
    3. Member C, 5 receipts with a total accumulated spend of RM1,200 and was refunded RM700 during the promotion period: Total accumulated spend of Member C is RM500. Member C earns 500 Bonus Points.
  8. The IKEA Family membership card or eCard must be swiped or scanned at in-store checkouts or keyed in during online checkout to qualify for the IKEA Family 2x Bonus Points promotion.
  9. This promotion is valid for in-store and online purchases. Online purchases are qualified if the order status is changed to “Ready for Delivery” within the promotion period.
  10. IKEA Family promotional points offer does not apply to Gift Card purchases and services purchases (including but not limited to IKEA kitchen installation, sewing, planning, delivery, assembly services) as well as Picking and Delivery services procured and paid at iCounter.
  11. IKEA Family promotional points will be credited to the member’s account within 4 weeks from the promotion end date.
  12. 3x birthday points reward is still applicable on the 1st transaction of the birthday month at either the IKEA stores, IKEA online store, Swedish Restaurants, Swedish Bistro, Swedish Café or Swedish Food Market.
  13. Example:

    1. The member’s birthday month is May:
    2. Transaction 1 on 15 May 2024 of RM500: Member earns 1,500 points (3x birthday points)
    3. Transaction 2 on 20 May 2024 of RM450: Member earns 450 points.
    4. During this promotion, the total accumulated spend is RM950: Member is entitled to 950 additional points (bonus points).
  14. If you’re wondering what’s your current IKEA Family points balance, log in to your member portal here.
  15. All existing IKEA Family Programme T&Cs apply. For more information, please visit here.
  16. In the event of any dispute, decisions made by IKEA Family will be final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  17. IKEA Family reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions as it deems fit without prior notice.