IKEA FAMILY Bonus Points Promotion - Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotional 3x Bonus Points are calculated on top of regular point calculation.
    1. Customer spends total of RM600. Normal points earned (i.e. 600 points) will be automatically credited to membership account at point of purchase.
    2. Bonus Points of 1,800 (600 points x3 bonus) will be credited to membership account within
      4 weeks after promotion end date.
  2. Bonus points are capped at 3,000 points per member.
    1. Member A, total spend of RM800: Member earns 2,400 Bonus Points.
    2. Member B, total spend of RM1,500: Member earns 3,000 Bonus Points and not 4,500 Bonus Points.
  3. Minimum spend of RM600 is calculated as total spend within promotion period, regardless of the number of transactions.
    1. Member A, 3 receipts with total accumulated spend of RM600 during promotion period:
      Member earns 1,800 Bonus Points.
    2. Member B, 5 receipts with total accumulated spend of RM1,500 during promotion period:
      Member earns 3,000 Bonus Points (max points).
  4. This offer applies to purchases between 1 – 29 Feb 2020.
  5. This offer is valid only for IKEA FAMILY temporary and permanent members in Malaysia.
  6. The IKEA FAMILY membership card must be swiped or scanned at checkouts to qualify for the
    IKEA FAMILY Bonus Points promotion.
  7. This promotion is valid for in store and online purchases. Online purchases are qualified if the order status is changed to "Ready for Delivery" within the promotion period.
  8. IKEA FAMILY promotional points offer does not apply to Gift Card purchases and services purchases (including but not limited to IKEA kitchen installation, sewing, planning, delivery, assembly services) as well as Picking and Delivery services procured and paid at iCounter.
  9. IKEA FAMILY promotional points will be credited to the member’s account within 4 weeks after the promotion end date.
  10. 3x birthday points calculation is still applicable on the 1st transaction of the birthday month.
    Example: February is member A’s birthday month.
    1. Transaction 1 on 5th Feb 2020 of RM200: Member earns 600 points (3x birthday points)
    2. Transaction 2 on 10th Feb 2020 of RM400: Member earns 400 points (base point calculation).
    3. In February 2020, total accumulated spend is RM600: Member is qualified for the promotion, hence he/she is entitled for 1,800 additional points (3x bonus points).
    4. In total, member is entitled to 2,800 points.
  11. All existing IKEA FAMILY Programme T&Cs apply.