Where it all started

IKEA Family started in the department store in Linköping in 1984 but the foundation of this club was already laid back in 1952, when Ingvar Kamprad started the 'Silver Club'.

He knew the importance of having a strong and long-term relationship with his customers so through the club he took the opportunity to directly communicate and learn about his customers, what they wanted and needed.

Since the Silver Club was started, a lot has changed but our view of you as a customer stays the same as Ingvars. In our IKEA Family club, you will always be our source of inspiration. We want to get to know you, what you like, your ideas and plans so that we can give you the best of what IKEA has to offer.

We may be the largest family in the world, but we will work tirelessly to make you feel like we're family and that you are special to us.

Our members get more

We reward members that spend money with us, but also value the ones that spend their time with us as highly. Like in any family, we believe a healthy relationship starts with giving. That's why to thank you for being an engaged family member, we offer member benefits without expecting anything in return. We also share our home furnishing know-hows in order to offer you inspiration, advice and support. Like any family, we want to see you succeed in creating your dream home.

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